Aside from the many accomplishments in his life, in the areas of business and finance, Richard G. Stewart Jr. is seeking to define his journey further. On April 14, 2012, Richard G. Stewart Jr. and 10 other men committed to being men of courage by embarking on a 3-month study called Courageous. During this time Richard had to dig deep within his own soul and take an honest look at what being a godly husband and father meant. On June 10, 2012 Richard and these men made a covenant with God during a ceremony by signing a resolution in front of their witnesses and stating their commitment to act courageously and to be the men that God intended them to be. Richard’s family, friends and community were there to support him. Richard’s commitment to this will impact generations to come!

The Bible scripture says, “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord, will flourish in the courts of our God, they will bear fruit even in old age.” Because of Richard’s continued pursuit to being a godly man through the commitments he made that day, he will bear godly fruit with his business partnerships, in his community and in the many Stewart family generations.