As a self-made millionaire, Richard would be the first to acknowledge his dependence on, and gratitude to God for where he is today. Like the parable of the Talents, he took what he had, studied and took risks to increase his wealth over time. But like many wealthy people, he started from very humble beginnings. As a young boy growing up in the poorest section of Rome, New York in the 1940's and 50's, he learned to be self-reliant, to take personal responsibility and to work hard for what he wanted.

He approached making money as an adventure and as an educational experience…whether shining shoes or experiencing a variety of careers in insurance, land development, securities or investment counselling, he was always educating himself. He came to realize that he was the most important factor in creating his own financial independence. He also realized that most people coming out of our school systems are "financially illiterate." They have learned a particular skill or profession but they were taught nothing about our monetary system, financial planning, investments or even basic economics as it applies to the modern world.

A teacher at heart, Richard founded the Institute of Financial Independence over 35 years ago as an educational institution that provides that knowledge of basics so that anyone, no matter what their current income, could achieve the priceless ability and knowledge to direct their own financial future wisely.

Richard believes that by helping people understand and get control of their finances, he is helping them establish a foundation for success in other areas of their lives, and giving them the freedom to then help others who are less fortunate.

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