In 2015, Richard formed 70x7 Films, LLC. as a family-oriented, faith-based film and multi-media event company operated by producer and strategic partner, Sammy Oriti. One of God’s greatest attributes is his creativity. All of humanity and nature are living advertisements of it! That same creative spirit flows through Richard and Sammy and they have a passion to use their creative skills to honor God and bless the world with wholesome family entertainment.

Richard and Sammy recently produced, “GODSPEED: A Rock Opera” at The El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA. This musical captures the pivotal moments of the life of Jesus, featuring original contemporary rock and roll music and dance. Staying true to Scripture, GODSPEED told the story of God’s redemptive plan through Jesus to a wide audience and was a major success. Clearly, when a great story is combined with music, song, dance, drama, lighting, sets and emotion, magic happens and hearts are touched. Richard and Sammy believe that by providing positive, faith-filled, family entertainment, they can plant seeds of hope in our cynical world and help encourage a few people along the way.

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