Help Worldwide Inc. is an economic solution that fundamentally changes the way we support charities and humanitarian causes. Richard envisioned a company that would empower humanity through a sustainable economic model using a cause-driven commerce partnership between consumers and merchants. Embedded in this model, is the automatic redirection of a portion of every transaction to help fund the charitable needs of our planet. The company that Richard and family created has a name that speaks for itself; “HELP” is an acronym for the “Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Platform”. Richard believes in empowering Help Members to accomplish this grand humanitarian mission to bring love and resources where they are needed most.

With that goal in mind, the Help Worldwide executive management team and partnering organizations have created the first loyalty program incorporating points, discounts, rewards and charitable giving within one all-inclusive Membership. The company also drives social change with its innovative technology and global network of socially-conscious consumers, business and non-profit organizations.

With a Help Worldwide Membership, Members earn Points, discounts and rewards all while supporting humanitarian causes and charities. By joining Help Worldwide, businesses are promoted across multiple platforms and customers are enticed to return to the stores that help give back to charity. Charities in the network are supported by continuous donations through the Help Worldwide Foundation. Help Worldwide Inc. joins us together to change the world.

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Before Help Worldwide Inc. materialized, Richard G. Stewart developed the concept of what he termed “fundsharing” from which Help Worldwide Inc. was born. Fundsharing is based on a partnership between non-profit organizations and for-profit entities with the goal of providing mutual support to each other. The fundsharing concept established the model of cause-driven commerce and created the next world economic evolution: Help Worldwide Inc.