Walk Through His Story

June 1, 1946 Born in Rome, NY
1961 Moved to California
June 1, 1963 17th birthday. Bought 3rd car - 1946 Cadillac
1964 Graduated from High School
1965 Enrolled in college
1966 Drafted in US Army
September 14, 1966 First day in the Army
August 5, 1967 Met Esther
October 11, 1969 Richard & Esther married Sold 1946 Cadillac to pay for wedding
1970 Son and future partner, Richard James Stewart ("RJ") born Created Tenant-Owned Fractionalized Interest in a commercial building 1973 Daughter Liana born 1974 Recruited by Equity Funding Corporation and sent to the Century City office to be trained for six months
1976 Created “Mastering the Business of Life Course series” 1978 Purchased and owned the famous Pacific Stock Exchange Building Purchased the famous oil field called Confusion Hill from the Rothschild family in New York. 1978 Created Bureau of Business and Financial Management
1980 Holds Prosperity Conference Millionaires Course 1980 Created the concept of the equity participation program and applied it to his Pacific Stock Exchange Building in downtown Los Angeles. The package was called a "Trudy Pat". In 1980, He was managing over $500,000,000 in assets. Early 1980s Became one of the most prestigious pioneers in the emerging professional field of business in the Adaptive Sciences.
1980 Completed his Master’s Degree in Adaptive Sciences International Business at the top of his class 1980 Created Reciprocal Rights to Use Program March 1981 Became one of the most prestigious pioneers in the emerging professional field of business in the Adaptive Published Piece: Big News! Satellite Seminar!
Oct/November 1981 Levels of Investment
1981 Son Gabriel born
1982 Published Piece: The Basics! Published Piece: Knowledge or Advice
September 1982 How much wealth can you have? 1985 Founded Stock Exchange Club Liquidated Pacific Coast Stock exchange and Confusion Hill assets 1987 Funded the National Investors Financial Corporation that specialized in a form of REIT investment.
1988 Focused on straight real estate development. Built and developed:
  • Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca Resort
  • Meadowlark Ranches Resort
  • Greenbrier River Resort
  • The Bass Lake Resort
  • Ahwahnee Resort and Country Club at Yosemite
  • The Pismo Creekside Resort
  • The Merced River Resort
1988 Created the Membership Guarantee and the Premier Access Membership. Completed PhD in Adaptive Science Economics August 22, 1988 Presented Doctoral Dissertation and Oral Defense at University of Miami Spectrum Center 1988 Invited to serve on the Universities Advisory Council
1990 Richard funds a new company called National Investors. 1992 Created Source Inc. 1999 Purchased first patents for loyalty tracking technology
2000 Develops Loyalty Tracking Technology
2003 Retrouvaille Testimony
February 7, 2003 First Retrouvaille weekend Richard & Esther attended
2001-2005 Elected Council Chairman in 2001-2005 of Universities Advisory Council (University of Miami) 2005 WorldPriest launched by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, Ireland January 6, 2006 Co-founder and chairman of Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Program (Help Worldwide)
2006 Created Help Worldwide Inc.
2007 WorldPriest was incorporated in the USA as a not-for-profit organization. Elected as President and Chairman of Board of World Priest North America
2007 Created LoyaltyShare Clearinghouse
2008 Created Help Worldwide Foundation Created Catholic Loyalty Foundation
2010 Created Fundsharing concept
April 14, 2012 Pioneered Courageous Course
June 10, 2012 Made his Covenant with God
August 11, 2012 Elected to Board of Directors of Retrouvaille
2015 Created Michelangelo Legacy First Godspeed event