In 2015 Richard G. Stewart Jr. began an initiative with a worldwide distributor for the reproduction of Michelangelo’s masterworks.

The mission of this endeavor is to spread a message of love and forgiveness through the arts; by facilitating the creation of exact replicas of Michelangelo’s magnificent sculptures cast from the original molds. Mr. Stewart is offering benefactors a rare opportunity to participate in The Michelangelo Legacy.

If you seek a unique method of contributing to humanity, you are invited to create a lasting legacy for yourself and your family by acquiring and initiating the placement of the Pieta in a setting of your choice where it will touch the lives and hearts of those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience it.

To learn more or to honor a deserving organization with your gift of the Michelangelo Pieta Call (661) 286-4334 or visit to learn more.