Big News - Satellite Seminar!

I wanted to communicate financial sanity to large numbers of my friends and clients across the country, keeping you up-to-date on the economy, and I have found a way: seminars by satellite, with two-way communication lines, designed to keep you informed on a bi-yearly basis!...What a power base! The first conference, the FIRST NATIONAL PROSPERITY CONFERENCE, is scheduled for April 5 to be broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA to 20 locations across the United States with thousands expected to attend.

During this all-day seminar in a hotel in your area, you will have an opportunity to listen to such well-known and prosperous individuals. Plan ahead and keep that day open for your own personal enhancement and education in the financial and business world. If you intend to prosper, you must get fully hatted on prosperity. I’m excited about this event, and I hope you are too.

I will be speaking on short-range and long-range investment programs you should be following based on current economic trends. For those of you who feel you have little or no money to invest, I will also be covering ways to increase your cash flow. I have found the major difficulty that 90% of my friends and clients have with cash flow is really in assuming the identity that will help make them truly successful. I will cover this at some length in my talk, and this data has changed many people’s lives.

My advice is still full-steam ahead on real estate. I feel that at this point the interest rates will level off or start going down. I see levels again at 12 ½ to 14% for first trust deeds. Of course, this is not guaranteed, and I wouldn’t wait until it goes down before you buy, because if it goes down, you can expect to see a tremendous increase in the price of properties, especially in the metropolitan areas.

If interest rates go down, it won’t last long, possibly six to twelve months. And I do expect within the next 24 months that interest rates could climb back up to about a 25% level. The current rates could remain level for another six months. This is irrelevant for the buyer because we are in a good buying period.

It is very obvious that Reagan really wants to help control inflation, but I think he has much opposition from Volcker (Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board), over whom he has no control. So, no matter what efforts he makes, there is no certainty about what will happen – more inflation, recession, depression – who knows? All I can say is, become armed with data and protect yourself for any event.

My viewpoint has always stayed the same as far as silver and gold are concerned. If you are buying silver and gold, buy for the preservation of your capital, and buy it on a dollar-cost-average basis. Using dollar-cost-averaging, you invest continuously every week or month, regardless of the price level. Generally, when the market is moving downwards, most people feel it is time to get out. That is the reverse of the true consideration – That is the time to buy. Strangely enough, I see by statistics in my organization, that we have many more clients that sell silver and gold rather than buy when the market is moving down. Similarly, when the market is moving up or is very high, that’s when they think they should by buying.

In real estate right now, most people’s intention is to sell, because they are afraid of getting caught. I think it is the best time to buy when people want to sell. Why not use the same viewpoint with silver and gold? While others want out, this is the time to buy.

I have seen corrections (short downtrends before the statistics recover and continue to rise) like this happen again and again since 1972. This time, because of the last levels of highs, when silver and gold hit a certain low level, you will see large institutions that have been holding back from buying silver and gold, start to put large amounts of capital into it. You can well imagine what would happen to the price then.

I am not talking about purchasing silver and gold on speculation or making large purchases because of the potential upward swing. I am trying to have you maintain a steady flow toward the preservation of your capital on a dollar-cost-average basis, and in this way, be ahead of the game in the future, when silver hits $150, and gold hits $2,000 per ounce. You can feel confident that you have managed to stay above inflation, by being at cause not effect, and sticking to a set of financial program that includes real estate, and always a percentage of your income to hard money like silver and gold. And don’t forget my last letter, when I told you to invest in yourself. Read it if you haven’t.

We are well on our way in achieving our goals and purposes of flowing you power and giving you the truth about money and financial matters. This year, 1981, will be a special year for all of us to remember, and we at the R.G. Stewart and Company are here to help you increase your net worth.

With much admiration,

Richard G. Stewart Jr.
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Financial Independence

Just what is it about millionaires? Do they just know a lot more than the rest of us? Are they lucky? Did they simply fall into the right investments at the right time? ... Are they soulless, wealth-building machines who will crush anyone to get to the top? Do they work harder than the rest of us? Are they possessed by some impassioned force even they don't understand which drives them forward relentlessly?

What's their secret?

My own search for an answer to that question began as a young boy growing up in the poorest section of Rome, New York in the 1940's and 50's. As a child, I loved listening to my parents and their friends talk about how things were when they were growing up. While other children were out playing, I often remained in the tenements talking with the "old people" about their lives and work.

My father told me that when he was a boy he had made $2.00 a day and had to turn it all over to his father. That seemed quite unfair to me, so when my father told me at a very early age that he would be unable to assist me financially, that I was on my own and that whatever I made was mine, I felt quite good about this and decided to take responsibility for my financial future.

It was a decision which led me on my own financial adventure, from shining shoes in the Rome ghettos to save up to buy my first bicycle, to a variety of careers in insurance, land development, securities and investment counseling.

I approached my own adventure as an educational experience and I've always regarded it as such. In a field of education known for its charlatans and false information, I placed great importance on attempting to isolate those basic truths and proven methods which, if studied well and applied, would enable anyone to achieve financial independence without the years of trial and error experience.

I discovered that the road to financial independence depends on YOU and your MONEY, and that the road to financial disaster is paved with those who have chased after riches while ignoring the most important commodity they have: themselves.

It also became apparent to me that most people are coming out of our school systems in a state of what might be called "financial illiteracy." They have learned a particular skill or profession but they were taught nothing about our monetary system, financial planning, investments or even basic economics as it applies to the modern world. Yet, these are obviously vitals subjects. It is a rude awakening for many to find that no matter how good their products are or how well they service their clients, they just can't seem to get ahead financially.

What these people need is to obtain a basic education on how to succeed financially. There are those who would have us believe that the subject of money is uniquely mysterious and complex. Fortunately, this is not the case.

Thus, I have always placed a premium not on advice, but on knowledge. I founded the Institute of Financial Independence as an educational institution to provide that knowledge of basics so that anyone, no matter what their current income, could achieve that priceless faculty known as judgement and would thereafter have the knowledge and ability to direct their own financial future.

There is a financial challenge facing all of us during these difficult economic times. Some might call it a financial threat, however I prefer to look upon it as a challenge. You probably would not be reading this now if you were not aware of this challenge and the potential advantages or liabilities dependent upon facing or not facing up to it. That is the decision, isn't it? The challenge is there- it's not going to go away. It is facing all of us now, but will we face it? And how will we face it if we are to see our dreams realized?

I truly believe that the answer to that question lies in the personalized educational experience we can offer you at IFI. I hope you'll let me and my staff join you on your quest for financial independence. I think it could well be the most exciting adventure of your life.

Richard G. Stewart Jr.
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How Much Wealth Can You Have?

I want to tell you about four brothers that lived in a forest just outside an immense cave which tunneled through a vast mountain range. At the other end of the cave was an idyllic paradise where gold coins grew on all the trees. ...

Rumor had it that inside the cave were all manner of poisonous snakes and spiders, narrow ledges which dropped off into bottomless crevasses, pools of molten rock, and the skeletons of those who had failed to successfully make it to the other side of the tunnel.

The first brother had long ago tried to make it through the cave and had failed. He had fallen against a rock which had rendered him unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, he had returned to his family and friends and had told them that he had realized that life in the forest had always been rather comfortable, and that it would be best if he remained there for the rest of his life.

The second brother was a man of great courage with an equally great desire to improve his lot in life. Despite the rumors he had heard about the cave, he nevertheless entered it one day and set out to reach the land of endless wealth. Early on, he suffered from snake and spider bites which were very painful, but proved not to be fatal. Later on he fell off a ledge, but fortunately the crevasse was only three feet in depth and, despite a sprained ankle, he was able to continue on his journey. Only hours before reaching the end of the cave, he fell into a steaming pool, only to find – much to his relief – that it was not molten rock but a hot water spring. He pulled himself out and at last, arrived at the land of paradise.

The third brother also desired to reach the land of riches. Wary of the rumors he had heard about the dangers of the cave, he spent time speaking to men of wisdom who had been through the cave and had found out every single barrier or danger he might have to deal with. He studied long and hard and, finally, prepared himself fully for his journey. To his surprise and relief, he found his adventure through the cave somewhat uneventful. His layers of clothing protected him well against the snakes and spiders. And the knowledge he had of the cave helped him to avoid the pitfalls his brother had encountered. With only a few minor scrapes, he reached the land of promise.

The fourth brother also desired to reach the land of treasure, but was not a man of great courage and found his life in the forest to be adequately comfortable or, at least, bearable. Until one day a tribe of cannibals moved into the forest and chased him into the cave. Afraid to continue further, he coped with the cold, wet habitat for a few days and then returned to the forest once the cannibals had gone away. But, alas, the cannibals returned only days later and again chased him into the cave. And so he spent the rest of his life, advancing towards the land of riches only when chased by cannibals, and returning to the forest when the cannibals were gone.

This parable of the four brothers tells us much about necessity levels and one’s ability to break through a particular level of income or net worth and achieve greater wealth and the wherewithal to realize one’s goals in life. Did you recognize yourself in any of the four brothers? They are personalities or identities which, perhaps, we have all assumed at times, or are assuming now.

Many people have suffered failures, of which they are painfully reminded whenever they reach again for longstanding purposes. Others, few in number, through sheer power it seems, reach beyond their fears and failures and, by carefully gaining the knowledge they need to proceed with certainty, or simply by doing whatever is required to make it go right, achieve the rewards which come with courage and persistence. And some people seem to go through life trapped between the cave and the cannibals. Their necessity levels are dictated by how threatening life is at any given moment. When the bills get high enough or the car breaks down, or the kids get sick they pull enough money to handle the situation. But as soon as life becomes less threatening the fears, confusions, failures, and mental and spiritual anguish of the “cave” soon pushes them away from their own land of promise and back to their “comfortable” lives.

The history of the money game is filled with painful failures. We’ve all suffered them. We’ve all been cheated. And we’ve all cheated others. These are the spiders and snakes and crevasses and steaming pools which lay in our paths to the next higher level of financial activity and, ultimately, to complete financial independence. And the more we have failed or pushed others to fail, the more poisonous become the snakes and spiders, and deeper the crevasses, the hotter the water or molten rock and the more dark and treacherous the tunnels to financial security.

But, oddly enough, as soon as you just grab ahold of your necessity level and responsibility level and just PUSH them up, the path to greater wealth (no matter how wealthy or poor you are now) becomes much less dangerous and each further step becomes easier to take.

It is sometimes surprising how much courage and strength it takes just to get started. We usually don’t perceive it that way though. The realization usually comes in a much more mundane, more forgettable fashion. You’re just daydreaming at the breakfast table and you look back and think, “Gosh, I’ve been at this same level of net worth, this same lifestyle for a long time. I’ve always wanted to have this and that and somehow I just never seem to have them. I just never seem to have enough money – hmmmm. Oh no – late to work – gotta rush…” And so it goes, day after day, year after year.

It is sometimes surprising how much courage and strength it takes just to get started.

So, someday you just have to decide to DO something. You have to make this decision and not half-make this decision. If you have decided to really DISAGREE with your current condition, then the next best thing I think you can do is to increase your KNOWLEDGE. As occurred with the third brother, KNOWLEDGE strengthens everybody’s ability to go into the cave of financial activities and emerge a winner. With knowledge, you can also obtain the safest and fastest route to financial independence.

What we have to offer you at R.G. Stewart & Co. and the Institute of Financial Independence is an education on the subject of finance, investments and the economy. No matter what your current financial situation is, I guarantee that the courses we have will greatly assist you in rapidly achieving your financial goals.

With much affinity and admiration,

Richard G. Stewart Jr.
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Levels of Investment

In teaching the Millionaires Course, I have found that the new students have no idea what they will learn, until they have actually done the course. The students who have done the course managed to discover enough about it in advance in order to buy it. ...However, I find that they really know nothing about the benefits and knowledge they will gain until after they do it.

I feel the Millionaires Course is so extremely important. This course will put you in the position of cause over your financial situation. You will learn not to accept other people’s false or misunderstood data, or misunderstood data on investments. This course will give you enough knowledge to see through these misunderstandings and falsities. You will know what you are doing when you put your money into an investment, whether it be any kind of real estate (single family houses, multiple units, commercial property, land development, mobile homes, etc.), stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, silver, diamonds, treasury bills, or many other types of investments. This course will give you the understanding to see through these types of investments and to help you know which people selling you money products really know what they are talking about.

You may say, “Yes, but I am just an average reader of your newsletter…I work a 9 to 5 job, and just do the best I can. I have never even considered making investments, and I don’t have a lot of money to go out and start dealing in real estate. I think you are way above my head.”

Well, alright – You are spending money on a monthly basis anyway, just to live. You must learn to spend properly the money you have and to accumulate assets with it rather than waste it, and in five or six years or when you retire, you will have assets to fall back upon. You will be able to retire without depending on Social Security or any other pension plan that may no longer exist at that time. You will be able to ensure not only your future, but also your children’s and any group, church, or charity you support.

You are spending money now when you pay for rent, your car, the furniture you put in your house, and your retirement plan. Make certain the money you are spending for these things is utilized properly and in the end you will have something you can really fall back on, or sooner, if you need to borrow for personal enhancement of any sort.

Some of my clients have said, “I don’t even consider retirement. I just don’t feel I must have something at the end of my lifetime.” To them, I say of course, it’s difficult to take it with you when your body dies! If you can invest in yourself and increase your awareness of who you are now and who you will always be, that’s wonderful. And that is why you are the most basic and important investment, but you need money to invest in yourself.

The next thing to invest in is you (your identity) and the game you are going to play here in the physical universe that you receive your cash flow from. The Millionaires Course is designed to help you locate just exactly what identity or game that is, and to help you add fuel to it so that you can double or triple your income NOW. Then you take some of that money, and by spending it properly, you will build up your own retirement plan so that even if you don’t think you need it, you will have it, and who doesn’t like to have a cushion? Given a cushion of reserve money, you could even take a couple of years out to do something for yourself or your family (courses, studies, etc.), or even vacation and enjoy life!

Others of you say, “Well, I don’t want to invest in material things and get stuck in them. Investing, investment programs, buying real estate – all these things are material transitory things, and I would rather concentrate on spiritual betterment.”

To you I say that the more spiritual you are, the more ability you have to control the physical universe. I believe in God and I go to church and I want to improve myself and get closer to God, but even my church is a business. Maybe it’s a not-for-profit one, but I can assure you that the clergy running it have had to take time away from their spiritual journeys and training to learn how to manage money and investments. There are some very savvy business managers behind the scenes running those organizations that we frequent to get closer to God. And truthfully, if you really want to have control of all aspects of your life, you have to master the material universe as well.

The sooner you start confronting it and gaining knowledge on the subject, the more responsibility you will be able to take, and naturally, you will have much more control.

My viewpoint is this: You get the knowledge. It is so magical that sometimes you don’t even have to do anything, and the flow of energy and money will just start rolling in your direction. It’s amazing when you have the knowledge and ability, people just know you do and begin wanting your help. Before you know it, you find yourself succeeding beyond your imagination because you know something that others don’t know.

I think this is the time, the best time of all, to get educated. The changing economy puts us in a position that we need to know more now than ever before. It’s up to you to create your own future and take responsibility for your survival in all areas of life, and this course will give you the data to become wealthy in all areas of your life. See you there.

At this point, I would say that I would increase my cash flow. I wouldn’t borrow money to pay bills – just make more money. Keep putting your reserves away in hard assets. Buy your first home, or if you already have, move up to your next level. There are special deals out there. But most of all, invest in yourself as your basic investment.

You have my best,

Richard G. Stewart Jr.
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The Basics

The basics, the basics, the basics - I can't express enough the important of the basics. There have been many times in the past when people have asked me all these fantastically complex questions on the subject of real estate and creative financing.... I found myself trying to explain complex methods and formulas for creative real estate financing, but I found that the majority of these people could not apply the data I was giving them. They just were lacking what everyone should have first - and that's the basics.

I can tell you a story about way back when I first got started in real estate. Oh, I thought I really knew what I was doing. I'd heard other people talk about it and so forth, but I really didn't have the education or the basic foundation to really play the game. So, I went out and tied up my first residential property that I had bought, and received a contract on it to sell the property. Then, I decided that I would go and participate in a basic seminar to find out what I could learn about this particular area. My goodness, it wasn’t even within the first two hours of the seminar I realized that if I had known the basic data on how to sell a property, and how to get the best deal for myself, I could have made an additional $30,000 in profits on that deal. With this information, I was really excited to say the least. But it was too late because I had already signed the contract, and I had missed out on the opportunity. But I’ll tell you, I really kept that in mind and realized I wasn't going to pass up those basics again. At that point, I really started to make some progress.

Later, when I started to give my own seminars and educate people on finances, I found that I would give them a high level of data but they could only expand so far. But when I cut down the information closer to the basics, I found that their ability would be considerably higher to produce because they could actually take the data and really create with it. The more granular I went and the closer to basics, the more able the person seemed to be. He could make the data his own now and he could do his own creating.

I remember several years going by, and while I had a certain level of the basics down, I realized we have a tendency to forget these basics. We have the tendency of getting on Cloud 9 or Cloud 42, or whatever realm of "pie in the sky" we get into, and at that point we kind of forget the basics of how we got there. You think, “Well, I don't have to look at the basics - I pretty much know what I’m doing now. I’m doing much better than most and the basics are just something I’ve gone beyond now.” At this point, I was having a problem on a particular business deal, and I didn't know how I was going to get myself out of it. But, I realized that I had a successful action in the past of just getting the basic data. So, I looked in my local telephone directory to see if I could find the person that was delivering the seminar that I went to three years prior. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it so I called the home office of the company and found that the same guy was delivering the seminar in a different city. I flew in and listened to the same guy give the same seminar all over again - and I’ll be, it was an incredible experience! Within 15 minutes of that seminar, I realized that the basics had fallen out again and it was time for me to get the basics in. I got so hyped up and just flying in my mind that the toughest thing for me to do that day was to stay for the rest of the seminar and listen to the rest of the data, which was quite creative. I had the basics back in now. And I went out and made myself $300,000 in profits with those basics.

Well, this story goes on and on. Actually it’s been four times now that I’ve been to the same seminar and all four different times it reiterated the basics in my universe. All four times I’ve walked away and made fantastic profits as a result.

The individual that I was able to meet back in those early days when I first got started in real estate was Mark O. Haroldsen. I learned a lot in those days from studying what Mark had to say and I’m very happy to announce to you that Mark will be speaking at our upcoming Millionaires Course Graduates Reunion on March 13 and at the public banquet that night. You are all invited to the banquet. I find it amazing that after the second time through Mark’s course I went off and bought and sold a commercial building and made $300,000 within a six-month period. It was a basic deal sitting in front of so many real estate experts that laughed at me when I bought it. They were looking and thinking about it at too high of a level. When I saw the deal it hit me like a bomb as to how I could structure the deal and make it work. It was all about the basics. After that success I wrote Mark to thank him, and he called me after he received my letter. What a surprise - he put my name and picture in his second book! The story of a guy named Richard G. Stewart Jr. in El Paso, Texas that knew nothing about real estate and took his courses and made $300,000.00.

Now, Mark is speaking at my graduate courses and I am truly grateful that he recognized me in his book because I received calls from all around the country from people asking me how I did it. I have to say, thank you to Mark for helping me and for now coming to my events and helping my students.

When I started delivering my Millionaires Course seminars and teaching people how to get control over their financial life, I realized that they needed to have a continuous connection with the basic data and with people who were successfully applying it. This was because there were so many people out there who were in doubt of them making profits. These guys would leave my basic courses and they would go out into life and someone would tell them, "Ah, it can't be done." Well let me tell you, there are a lot of people making profits right now! And if you sit back and listen to rumors, then you're going to be the effect of all those other people and their reasons of why they can't go out and do it. So, after I started the Millionaires Course and had several people who were graduates, I needed to keep them connected so that they could come back on a quarterly basis. We would debug them and help them handle any ruins and stops they had as to why they couldn't make it from the last reunion. We'd also update them on changes in the investment environment. This was a sort of method of keeping everyone at cause over their own particular area of finance. It's been an amazing thing. We educate them just as if it was another day on the Millionaires Course, or two days, because the reunion now has gone to a two-day weekend. Now, we're even having special guest speakers, like Mark O. Haroldsen, come to each reunion and educate the Millionaire Course graduates to an even higher degree.

Richard G. Stewart Jr.
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