A Man of Integrity

Richard G. Stewart Jr. Resume

Help Worldwide is an economic solution that would fundamentally change the way we support charities and humanitarian causes. Richard envisioned a company that would empower humanity through a sustainable economic model using a cause-driven commerce partnership between consumers and merchants where a pre-determined portion of every transaction is automatically redirected to help fund the charitable needs of our planet. To accomplish this global mission, Richard and his family founded a company called “Help Worldwide”. The company name speaks for itself: “HELP” is an acronym for the “Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Platform”. By creating an army of loyal Advocates for Humanity, Richard believes we can empower our Members to accomplish this grand humanitarian mission to bring love and resources where they are needed most.
The Help Worldwide Foundation funnels charitable donations to worthy causes in an effort to fund the charitable needs of our planet. The Foundation is a §501(c)(3) humanitarian organization in a commercial co-venture relationship with Help Worldwide, Inc. In addition to receiving donations like any normal non-profit organization, The Foundation allocates and donates this charitable portion to aid other non-profit humanitarian organizations in financial need.
Source Inc. owns powerful intellectual property and technology that has developed an information and data management system for various business rules management systems. Source Inc. has the rights to the Loyalty Tracking Technology used to power the Help Worldwide Inc. platform.
Richard G. Stewart created The Michelangelo Legacy after receiving the exclusive rights from Arte Divine to bring Vatican Observatory Foundation authorized recreations of Michelangelo’s greatest works. Mr. Stewart hopes to share these pieces with the world and spread the message of love and forgiveness through Michelangelo’s Legacy.
Together with his wife Esther, Richard G. Stewart serves on the Board of Directors for Retrouvaille, A Lifeline For Marriages. The couple delivers seminars that offer marriage advice and tools for recommitment and have saved many marriages from disaster.
In 2015, Richard G. Stewart formed 70x7 Films, LLC. as a family-oriented, faith-based film and multi-media event company operated by producer and strategic partner, Sammy Oriti. Since then, Mr. Stewart has produced GODSPEED A Rock Opera which made its Hollywood debut in 2015. Inspirational films and other family-friendly entertainment channels are being produced under Mr. Stewart’s direction.
Founded by Richard G. Stewart, The Catholic Loyalty Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works to create a world in which every Catholic Organization has the necessary funding to reach their goals.
WorldPriest North America is a not-for-profit organization established to unite priests and laity so that all may come into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
Richard G. Stewart created and delivered the “R.G. Stewart 9-day Millionaires Course” and has delivered several other advanced courses such as "Managing the Business of Life", "Removing Barriers to Financial Independence", and more.
Richard G. Stewart successfully developed, owned and operated multiple resort destinations across the United States. The California destination locations include resorts such as: Bass Lake Resort, Ahwahnee Resort, Merced River Resort and Pismo Creekside Resort.