Source Clearinghouse, Inc. (SOURCE) incorporates intellectual property,

powerful innovative technology and world-class strategic partnerships.


SOURCE has a unique tracking technology which can be utilized in multiple applications such as: real-time transactions, producing invaluable data and reports for industry, merchants, issuers, governments and participants.

point of sale

The tracking technology was further enhanced when SOURCE signed an agreement which granted the exclusive ability to ‘ride the credit card rails’ using a Bank Identification Number.


SOURCE developed a Universal Currency Exchange clearing house that facilitates the exchange of points and credits earned by consumers between competing loyalty programs. Additionally, the UCE clearing house converts points and credits to liquidity, allowing those rewards to be spent at any point-of-sale, in any currency, in the world. The final phase of this technology build is currently underway.


With the innovative technology and robust platform of the Source Clearinghouse coupled with the humanitarian goals of Help Worldwide, Richard led his team in the creation of a powerful new app technology incorporating various features and functionalities:

  • White-Label Functionality

  • Tracking Technology

  • Livestreaming & Video-on-Demand

  • Loyalty Rewards & Discounts

  • Points Allocation, Distribution, & Redemption

  • Currency Exchange

  • ...and more.

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