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International Clearinghouse, Inc. ("ICH") is a

NexGen processing platform for loyalty-related consumer transactions.

International Clearinghouse, Inc., (ICH), a Nevada corporation, is a start-up, next generation, cloud-based processor of loyalty-related transactions that is co-owned and capitalized by its billion-dollar bank partner, MetaBank®. ICH is a key player in integrating smart city technology in an open, reciprocal “coopetition” business model as part of its community redevelopment initiative. ICH offers match and track processing services for loyalty transactions on payment cards. It incorporates a business-to-business model with no direct relationship with consumers. ICH focuses on the collection and processing of loyalty rewards (miles, points, tokens, etc.) from a wide variety of participating consumer loyalty programs that want to convert their rewards into ICH’s universal, cash-backed point system. ICH intends to work with numerous other banks and program managers that want to add loyalty rewards to their payment cards. Visit to learn more.

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