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Source, Inc. (SOURCE) incorporates intellectual property,

powerful innovative technology and world-class strategic partnerships.

Source Clearinghouse, Inc. dba Source, Inc. is a privately-held fintech innovator and loyalty marketing firm that has dedicated its’ business to redefining the use and application of loyalty rewards into a tool to transform commerce into a cooperative partnership-style economic model for local communities that are struggling to survive now and for the smart cities of the future.


SOURCE has a unique tracking technology which can be utilized in multiple applications such as: real-time transactions, producing invaluable data and reports for industry, merchants, issuers, governments and participants.

point of sale

The tracking technology was further enhanced when SOURCE signed an agreement which granted the exclusive ability to ‘ride the credit card rails’ using a Bank Identification Number.


SOURCE developed the initial clearinghouse technology to facilitate the exchange of points and credits earned by consumers between competing loyalty programs. 

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