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Starwest Studios, Inc. has two unique production facilities located in the heart of Burbank, CA. Lot 1 is a full-service production stage and Lot 2 is a full-service production and dance studio with the ability to produce music and livestream broadcast to the masses.

Richard launched three companies helping to facilitate the creation of exciting new content that would engage, educate, inspire, and entertain users of the app technology created by the parent companies SOURCE and HELP.





To enhance and solidify our marketing position and customer reach, Starwest Productions, Inc., owns the World Choreography Awards, The PULSE Dance Experience, Camp PULSE, and Open Call, which together share over 20-years of  dance industry experience, and provide Starwest with a unique talent pool and fan base.



Starwest Media, Inc. films and broadcasts Live Events via multiple consumer-facing media channels. Each channel is equipped with subscription-based streaming and video-on-demand services.

The Arts District (TAD) is an online broadcast network and subscription video on demand service owned by Starwest Media, Inc. It is primarily oriented towards instant streaming of original educational and inspiring content, carrying current and past episodes of classes, workshops, events, and streamed content provided by other media partners.

Each channel is equipped with subscription-based streaming and video-on-demand services and includes advertising & marketing opportunities. The first channel, “Dance Class Live” is focused on targeting the dance community.

Dance Class Live

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